How to Crash Your CNC Mill (Responsibly)

Mistakes Happen: Turning Student Crashes into Teachable Moments with Your CNC Mill


College freshman are immersed in new experiences at the start of the fall semester – their first time away from home, shopping on a budget, and, many times, their first time coming face to face with a CNC machine. We’ve all seen them.


CNC Router Expert Turns to a Tormach Mill

As the host of the CNC Router Tips podcast, Bill Griggs is well-known in the world of CNC routers, but now he’s taken to machining harder materials with his PCNC 1100.


11 Ways to Locate Part Zero on Your CNC Machine

This article was originally published in 2016 with only 8 ways to locate Part Zero and has been hugely popular ever since. I’ve updated it with several new methods.


Finding Your Work: Edge Finder vs. Digitizing Probe vs. Haimer

Using a mill requires a lot of dedication to proper measurement and calculation, and to do so means finding the proper tools. Making sure your machine knows where your work is sitting is a vital to quality parts. There are a number of edge-finding and measurement devices, Here are the three most common ones we hear about from Tormach users.


Precision Matters: Measuring Work and Tool Offsets

Last week, we talked about the importance of precision and the tools that are essential to help every machinist take measurements. Another vital set of measurements that every machinist needs to utilize are tool and work offsets – essentially, knowing where your work piece is and how your cutting tool will come into contact. 


Tormach Fab Lab: Haimer 3D Sensors

After a bit of time off, we're getting back into the swing of things on the blog.  Today's video topic is in response to several recent questions we've fielded recently about a very useful gauge: the Haimer 3D Sensor. For those unfamiliar, Haimer 3D sensors can be used to quickly and accurately find milling work offsets in X, Y and Z.   When properly setup, these will exceed the accuracy of most other edge finding techniques available to the small shop machinist. Here are two things to keep in mind:

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