Ultralight Business Takes Flight with an 1100M

Entrepreneurial endeavors can be a risky business, unless you’re already doing your work as a hobby. After moving to a cabin in the Cascade Mountains, Dmitri Zyuzin found himself watching more and more paramotor (powered paraglider) videos with a building desire to fly.


Finishing - How Olympus Machining Washes Parts

When you’re making parts, there are a lot of things to keep in mind… tolerances, feeds and speeds, tool wear, workholding… the list goes on and on. Whether you’re making your own parts or stuff for a customer or even shipping components off for Xometry, the final finish of your product is important to remember.


37 Things G-Code Programming Can Do For You

Myth: G-Code Programming is a Thing of the Past


6 small things that make a big difference to your CNC machining

Sometimes, there can be a lot to CNC machining – everything from computer programming to materials science is involved – but paying attention to a few things can make a big difference in the parts that you make. Here are six little things that can make a big difference with your CNC machining.


CNC materials: the truth about titanium

In the world of CNC machining, and even manufacturing in general, titanium seems to be held in the highest of regards. NASA uses it, so there has to be some validity to that. We see and hear it all the time from customers and those interested in buying a Tormach CNC Machine: “So, can this thing cut titanium?” Now, that’s a valid question if you’re planning on running a CNC machined titanium project, but more often than not people only use titanium as a litmus test for a CNC machine because the thought is often ‘If it can cut titanium, it can cut anything/'


5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Machined

1. High Volume Items

Many items you use every day are machined, and you probably have quite a few of each. Think the zippers on your coat and pants, the soles on your shoes, and even LEGO! Now, these things aren’t really machined in the way you might be thinking - LEGO produces millions of bricks, and machining each one really is not practical. Instead, each brick is created by an injection mold, which IS machined.

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