5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Machined

1. High Volume Items

Many items you use every day are machined, and you probably have quite a few of each. Think the zippers on your coat and pants, the soles on your shoes, and even LEGO! Now, these things aren’t really machined in the way you might be thinking - LEGO produces millions of bricks, and machining each one really is not practical. Instead, each brick is created by an injection mold, which IS machined.


Where CNC Fits into the Flow of Moldmaking

One of the murkiest (and most interesting) topics in the world of CNC is tool and moldmaking. Moldmakers have been around for a very long time (longer than CNC), and there is a mystery and art to the craft.


Milling and Molten Iron: How to Use Your PCNC Machine for Mold Making

Since our customers are always telling us about their latest projects and all my coworkers have an affinity for making stuff, I shouldn’t have been surprised by all the cool things you can do with a mill.


CNC Proves Proof of Concept: Edward Scott Crush Cup

If you’re looking to innovate in the worldwide food and beverage industry, doing business from remote New Zealand may not be the most likely place to start. However, mechanical engineer and product development expert Edward Scott has done just that. In a few short years, one of Scott’s inventions has become a global sensation in the packaging industry. The product, a “spoonless” yogurt cup that’s a hit with busy parents packing lunches around the globe, has risen from its humble beginnings in Scott’s garage workshop to being featured in Saturday morning TV commercials.

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