37 Things G-Code Programming Can Do For You

Myth: G-Code Programming is a Thing of the Past


What’s New with PathPilot?

Here at Tormach, we developed our PathPilot Control System in-house so we could adapt the program to the ever-changing world of manufacturing and make updates quick. Along with that, we are always making improvements to PathPilot based on our community of users. The latest update to PathPilot, version 1.9.8 has had some Tormach users raving with excitement.


A Little More Conversation(al)

In early 2015, we launched PathPilot as the control system for our CNC machines. While we've heard some great things about how our control software helped our customers take their machining to the next level, a detail that is often overlooked is the conversational programming capabilities.


Getting from Idea to Part: CAD – CAM – Cutting


Getting from a conceptual idea to a realized part is an important process to understand, whether you’re a maker looking to invent something for the world or a design engineer looking to get a new project off the ground. Once an idea is developed, the process turns to CAD (computer aided design). Using programs like Fusion 360, OnShape, or Solidworks, 3D models are created to provide a virtual version of your idea.


Learning to Turn at the Tormach Lathe Workshop

We hosted our first Slant-PRO workshop last weekend, here at Tormach World Headquarters in Waunakee, WI. This free Saturday event provided current and future 15L Slant-PRO lathe owners an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of CNC lathe and check out the lathe product line firsthand.


Keeping PCNC in the Family

The Chatmajians quite literally grew up inside their father's California metal stamping and deep draw manufacturing shop, so it's no surprise Troy and Gary have a natural affinity for CNC. They began working full-time in the family business from an early age and apprenticed multiple trades within the metal working field.

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