What’s New with PathPilot?


Here at Tormach, we developed our PathPilot Control System in-house so we could adapt the program to the ever-changing world of manufacturing and make updates quick. Along with that, we are always making improvements to PathPilot based on our community of users. The latest update to PathPilot, version 1.9.8 has had some Tormach users raving with excitement.

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One change is the addition of adding images to comment lines. This allows you to embed an image right into your G-code, which can be useful as reminders to others using your Tormach tools (like in a makerspace or educational setting) or just as a reminder to yourself as to how to properly flip a part or utilize a certain setup. The most exciting change is the ability to edit G-code within your conversational programming.

Screenshot 2017-01-31 at 9.29.21 AM

When doing conversational programming previously, each operation was done individually and appended to the end of the last operation programmed. Now, you can shift each conversational operation within your G-code using simple Move Up and Move Down buttons. You can even load existing G-code into your conversational program, providing even more flexibility to incorporate different machining styles. Stay up to date with the latest from PathPilot by signing up for our newsletter, and subscribing to our Facebook and YouTube pages, where we feature a weekly PathPilot Quick Tip.