Keeping PCNC in the Family

The Chatmajians quite literally grew up inside their father's California metal stamping and deep draw manufacturing shop, so it's no surprise Troy and Gary have a natural affinity for CNC. They began working full-time in the family business from an early age and apprenticed multiple trades within the metal working field.

In 2003, Gary and Troy founded Electromec, a workshop based in Los Angeles, California. Electromec focuses on custom metal fabrication, manual machining, tool making, and welding projects. By 2010, inspired with the advances in Tormach's personal CNC equipment, they opened a partner company called Atelier 26*, and outfitted it with both a Tormach PCNC 770 and a PCNC 1100. Altelier 26 is combination of the French word for "workshop or studio" and the atomic number for Iron. Atelier 26 specializes in CNC machining, CAD/CAM, solid modeling, prototyping, and short-run part manufacturing. The Chatmajian brothers say their skills complement each other. “We work as a team. My background is strong in CAD/CAM programming and 3D modeling and Gary is the expert at precision machining and custom fabrication,” Troy explained. "We work closely with the client on programming a final design that's exactly what they are looking for, then we machine it to their specifications." A project for an aerospace contractor had Atelier 26 prototyping some very impressive parts. “We used our PCNC mills to do both 3- and 4- axis machining machining of high precision structural components out of 7075 aircraft aluminum billets," explained Troy.  “The Tormach PCNCs allow us to be very competitive with prototype work, even though we're a small shop.” Other projects for Gary and Troy have included custom hardware for high-end homes and celebrity clients, such as replicas of the large scale door handles from New York's Kennedy Center and intricate interlocking art deco cabinetry pieces based on the work of renowned designer J.M. Frank, for use in a private home movie theater. Earlier this summer, Troy attended specialized training at the Tormach headquarters in Waunakee, Wisconsin and became Tormach Approved Consultant. Through the Tormach’s unique PCNC consultant program, Tormach Approved Consultants help inventors, entrepreneurs, and others interested in using a PCNC mill contract with skilled and experienced PCNC machinists, assisting them in everything from PCNC setup and training to custom programming, fixture design, and turnkey process development. For more on Atelier 26 and Troy Chatmajian’s PCNC consulting, visit these sites: Atelier 26: