From Proton Packs to R2-D2: Movie Prop Replicas with Tormach

Jesse Hayes is the co-founder of a video game company, S2 Games, and owner of Puzzlebox Entertainment, but he’s also an artist and maker when it comes to movie props.


The Droids Are Coming, with the Help of a Tormach

The premiere of a new Star Wars movie (and perhaps a new generation of fans) will be here in just a few months. While the intergalactic story has always held a special place with me, I was one of the many fans that felt let down by George Lucas’ butchering of the first three episodes of the saga. Since my childhood (when the CGI-ridden prequels were in full swing), I have hoped for the return of animatronics and puppeteers to Star Wars, and add a sense of gritty realism back into the story.


Robots Making Robots: R2-D2 in All Aluminum

Video game company co-founder and Tormach PCNC 1100 owner Jesse Hayes of Rohnert Park, California just put the finishing touches on a project a year in the making—an all-aluminum re-build of R2-D2. Documented on his R2-D2 build blog and with the help of, an R2-D2 builders club, Hayes answered a few questions about his CNC background and experience as well as a few other projects he’s currently working on.

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