Cosplay Gets More Realistic Thanks to Tormach Machine Tools

The term Comic-Con has become a household staple over the last decade or so, as various conventions celebrating comics, movies, and science fiction. As these events have grown and spread over the years – growing from a small affair in San Diego in the 70’s to a phenomenon of multiple events in multiple countries – the concept of cosplay has grown as well.


When Star Wars Fans Find CNC

Here at Tormach, we’re big fans of Star Wars.

And so are our customers.


Star Wars and CNC

The use of


Star Wars and the associated branding is rife throughout the media and advertising outlets as the latest chapter in the epic space saga is released.


The Droids Are Coming, with the Help of a Tormach

The premiere of a new Star Wars movie (and perhaps a new generation of fans) will be here in just a few months. While the intergalactic story has always held a special place with me, I was one of the many fans that felt let down by George Lucas’ butchering of the first three episodes of the saga. Since my childhood (when the CGI-ridden prequels were in full swing), I have hoped for the return of animatronics and puppeteers to Star Wars, and add a sense of gritty realism back into the story.


May the Force Be With You: Long Island Machine Shop Makes Replica Han Solo Blaster Kits

Dave Chalker of North Massapequa, New York has over 30 years of machining experience and has spent half that time working for a machine tool builder as an Applications Engineer. Dave formed Dark Energy Creations a year and a half ago to focus on general and specialized machine work, 3D solid modeling, CAD/CAM, and 3D printing. But Dave says the main focus at Dark Energy Creations is custom machining. “I do machining on all other kinds of stuff, ranging from motorcycle brackets to prototypes for medical devices,” he said. “One of my ‘cooler’ projects was to make a hobby model kit, but instead of molded plastic it was all metal. The customer would have to fit, finish and assemble the different components.”

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