Quick Tips: Setting A Laser Safety Area Scanner with the ZA6 Robot

A laser safety area scanner is a device you can use with Tormach’s ZA6 industrial robot to help ensure a safe workspace. For this quick tip video we are using the Keyence safety scanner, which creates a protective plane that detects objects that intersect its path. As objects come closer to this plane, the scanner signals the ZA6 industrial robot by activating either a warning or a safety input.


Quick Tips: Setting up A ZA6 Industrial Robot with an 1100MX CNC Mill

Do you want to learn more about integrating the ZA6 industrial robot with your 1100MX CNC mill? This ZA6 robot quick tip video, hosted by Tormach CEO Daniel Rogge, will walk you through the physical setup and networking process to ensure seamless communication and efficient operations between these two powerful tools.

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