More Fixture Plate Ideas for Workholding Setups

Last week we talked about using fixture plates for quick and repeatable  setups, and asked blog readers to send us pictures of their fixture plate set ups as part of a contest.    The winner of last week's blog contest is Fred Francouer from Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada.  Fred's designed a clever setup that allows him to quickly attach several vises, a 4th Axis, work holding chuck, and even the Duality Lathe to his PCNC 1100.  Thanks for sharing, Fred - you're the winner of a custom Tormach Shop Shirt. What we really like about this fixture plate system is how the individual components are designed to stack and install on each other.  Check these out:

  • First, several dowel pins have been installed on the table along with custom T-nuts.  The pins let Fred quickly install his Duality Lathe when needed without having to align the lathe each time in X or Y.

Duality Lathe Locating Pins Duality Lathe Locating Pins 2

  • A second fixture plate is design to accept the dowel pins on the table.  Additional pins on this plate are used to locate the vise.

Vise Pinned to Fixture Plate Vise Pinned to Fixture Plate

  • On this same plate, slots have been milled to accept the 4th axis Table.

4th Axis Pockets on Fixture Plate

  • With the vise removed, another smaller fixture plate can be mounted that accepts a 3 Jaw chuck for holding round bar stock vertically.

3-Jaw Chuck Mounting Plate 3-Jaw Chuck Pinned to Fixture Plate

  • The same plate also takes another smaller fixture plate as well.

Stacked Fixture Plates

  • And finally, here are 2 smaller tool maker vises on separate tool plates sitting on top of the large fixture plate.  These are used to support the ends of long stock.

Tool Maker Vises Pinned to Fixture Plate