So Many Robots, So Little Time

April is an exciting time for robotics around the office at Tormach. We're helping the kids competing at FIRST Robotics in Milwaukee and LaCrosse, Wisconsin, as well as the championship event in Detroit.

FIRST is an exciting program that challenges kids to run their robotics team like a business, where they are responsible for funding, managing, designing, and competing with their builds.

Getting kids involved in CNC and engineering through robotics is a great way to help them see the end result of quality work. And, we're incredibly excited to be involved with these educational events again this year!

We will also be in Los Angeles helping folks with a different breed of robots.


We've been immersed in the world of BattleBots for some time now. In fact, there are several competitors (past and present) that use Tormach mills to build their 250-pound robotic warriors.


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This year we'll be on-site during the filming of BattleBots, helping teams get their robots back into battle. Last year we went behind the scenes while making parts!