Tormach Staff Recommendations: Stop-Loc Setup Tool

Here's a great little device to speed up setup tasks in the shop: the Stop-Loc Setup Tool.   Tormach Tech Advisor Rory has two of these in his own shop and, in his own words,  "I use them all the time, man!" Obviously, the Stop-Loc isn't a replacement for a precision tool setting method, but it's practical to expect +/-0.005" repeatability using it for routine setup tasks.  Its made from three different lengths of anodized aluminum extrusion: one for the bar and two different stops that can slide on/off and secured with a set screw.  Made in the USA. Here are some of are favorite uses: 1.  Re-chucking Drills into tool holders  2.  Stop/Setup gauge for a Vise  3.  Stop/Setup gauge for a Collet Chuck on 4th axis or lathe  4.  Re-chucking Tools into an R8 collet when not using TTS or another Quick-Change system You could also use it as a go/no-go gauge or for setting router bit heights on router tables/etc. Ready to get your own:  Purchase Here