Tormach Lands in the UK

Tormach has long been engineered and supported in Waunakee, Wisconsin. In fact, the business started in 2001, just down the road from our current headquarters, when two friends had a series of casual conversations about the lack of small, quality CNC machines that were available.

They took to designing and developing the world’s first Personal CNC, which was an early 1100 prototype. Now with an offering of more than a dozen different, affordable machine tools available, Tormach is expanding our reach.

We’ve always had worldwide shipping available, but logistics were limited, making it challenging to deliver even our smallest machines to overseas customers. After lots of logistical calculation and vetting, Tormach has found a partner in CNC Machine Tools, Ltd. to not only get our mills on the ground, as well as getting them up and running in the United Kingdom.

That means if you’re one of our Atlantic neighbors in the British Isles, you can easily get the 1100MX, 770MX, 1100M, 770M, PCNC 440, and the xsTECH shipped to your door. And soon, you will be able to  visit CNC Machine Tools’s demo room to see some of the mills make chips in-person.

Because many Tormach users are first-time CNCers, we have always worked to have accessible education resources available, so you can learn to use your machine properly.

Our YouTube channel, as well as those of some of our brand ambassadors, have always helped our growing Tormaker Community learn about their machines.

But, if you need more hands-on assistance with training or installation, you can receive a personalized guide to learn about your milling machine and PathPilot software via our new UK partners.

Andy Grevstad, Tormach’s Business Development Director, said, “Customers have been clamoring for a better way to purchase our mills in the British Isle, and we’re excited to finally have some boots on the ground in the UK. We’re hoping that this can be a path forward for more distribution throughout Europe.”

If you’re in the UK, check out our offering and let us help you start making chips today! Or, you can contact CNC Machine Tools directly via email or calling +44 (0) 1985-888-058.