Why the Tormach 1100M & 1100MX CNC mills are for precision makers

When looking for a new CNC mill, you need to know it will give you a professional shop-standard finish without breaking the bank.
But as well as being affordable, it also needs to be easy use without sacrificing your ability to cut the wide range of materials needed to bring your projects to life.

Tormach could be the answer.

With their small footprints, mechanical reliability and simple graphical interface controllers, both the Tormach 1100M and 1100MX offer computer-controlled laser precision for the passionate hobbyist, expanding workshop or educational institution alike.

Three reasons both the Tormach 1100M and 1100MX are the precision CNC mills you’ve been waiting for:

1. PathPilot - the reliable, precise CNC controller

Any respected hobbyist maker, engineer, CNC teacher, or shop foreman will tell you that a reliable, easy-to-use controller is essential if you want to cut high-quality pieces.

PathPilot CNC Control system is designed by Tormach engineers who have years of hands-on experience operating CNC machines.

Not only can PathPilot’s learning curve be measured in minutes and hours (not weeks or months), but you also don’t need to know any complicated G code beforehand. It really is ready-to-use almost straight out of the box.

With a click of the mouse, on the very first day, you can perform common tasks like referencing axes, setting work, tool offsets, and adjusting feed rates with minimum training. In addition, Tormach doesn't hide feature sets behind a paywall to access them!

Finally, a CNC mill controller that puts you in full control of precision cutting.

2. A CNC mill that can grow with your ambition

Your next CNC mill must be versatile without sacrificing power or accuracy.

That’s why we designed both the 1100M and the 1100MX to be modular so you can scale up (or down) to suit the evolving demands of your ambitions, projects, timescales, and materials.

As your ideas grow and improved performance is required, simply purchase and install additional equipment to match your ambition.

Our newly designed, plug-and-play accessories, like the ATC, 4th axis, or chucker lathe, let you easily and quickly upgrade to increase productivity without sacrificing precision.

It doesn’t matter if you’re making a single machine part for personal use, a whole motorbike, or if you need to deliver on increased orders for your shop. With a Tormach mill, you’re now equipped to tackle even the most ambitious CNC tasks safe in the knowledge you can now achieve that professional, shop-standard finish.

3. A precision CNC mill that will cut almost anything

We designed the 1100M and 1100MX CNC mills so you could have a reliable, honest CNC machine that’s affordable, easy-to-learn, and precise.

Whether you’re making wooden furniture, aluminum motor parts, or titanium machine components, you need to know your CNC mill is up to the job. Too heavy-handed and it will chew up expensive materials. Too lightweight and you’ll likely go through bits at an expensive rate.

But not with a Tormach. No matter if you need to cut titanium, stainless steel, hardened steel, tool steel, aluminum, plastics, or wood - a Tormach CNC mill takes it all in its stride.

No matter if you’re an enthusiastic hobbyist in your local maker community, a small business looking for extra firepower, or an educational institution after safe, reliable teaching tools, both the Tormach 1100M and 1100MX are the perfect flexible, modular and affordable CNC milling machine for you.