PathPilot Updates

A Closer Look at the New Features of PathPilot 2.10.0

Tormach has introduced several new features to its easy-to-use PathPilot® CNC software. The PathPilot 2.10.0 update, which delivers a more user-friendly and versatile CNC experience, features a revamped layout, new camera capabilities, an improved on-screen keyboard, and more. Watch the video below to see more details about our latest PathPilot features.

Portrait Layout

One of the standout features of PathPilot 2.10.0 is the introduction of a new screen layout orientation - portrait mode. This layout, tailored for 1920 x 1080 monitors, offers distinct advantages, including a larger, always-visible tool path display, and a wider G-Code window, making it easier to access view options. The optimized file tab provides a broader file preview, streamlining file selection from both internal and USB/hub drives.

Enhanced User Controls

User controls have been refined, with wider buttons and a more organized display of reference buttons and axises, offering a clearer interface for smoother operations. Additionally, the new block delete feature has been integrated into PathPilot, allowing optional G-Code line skipping with a forward slash at the line's start.

Expanded Camera Functionality

PathPilot now supports up to four USB cameras (depending on the controller type), offering enhanced diagnostic capabilities and multiple viewpoints within the machine enclosure. With automatic loop recording, manual recording, and a snapshot feature, users can record, review, and document machining processes effortlessly. The cameras even support audio recording, providing a comprehensive overview of your operations.

PathPilot Updates Video OptionsPlay video files of your project in PathPilot

Improved On-Screen Keyboard

The latest version introduces a comprehensive on-screen keyboard, addressing previous limitations and incorporating every possible key combination. This keyboard now appears in every spot within the user interface that requires text input, enabling a smoother editing experience, especially for touchscreen users.

Mill-Specific Upgrades

For M and MX mills, the coolant button has been split into flood coolant and mist coolant options, allowing for more precise control and ease of use.

Easy Upgrade Process

Upgrading to PathPilot 2.10.0 is a breeze - simply click the update button in the status tab. If your mill is connected to the internet, the update can download automatically. Alternatively, you can download the file from Tormach's website, transfer it via USB, and perform the update within minutes. Plus, with the rollback option, you can revert to the previous version if needed, ensuring a risk-free transition.

PathPilot 2.10.0 brings an array of improvements, making CNC operations more intuitive, efficient, and adaptable. Explore the new features, enhance your workflow, and experience the seamless capabilities of Tormach's latest PathPilot update.