Experience the Creative Potential of Tormach's xsTECH Tabletop Router

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, a hobbyist or a STEM student working on their first project, the Tormach xsTECH router offers a host of features that can help take your projects to the next level. Watch a member of the Tormach team as they use the xsTECH router to create a nice ornament for the holiday season. Our easy-to-follow video will have you creating your own holiday projects in no time.

Loading your image in Fusion 360

One of the first steps is to load your image onto the website. By visiting 3dpro/lithophane, you'll be able to upload your desired image. If the image appears negative, don't fret - a quick change in the settings from negative to positive will solve this. Once you have the image adjusted to your liking, you can download it in an STL format.

Adjust your design in Fusion 360

Next comes the fun part - working in Fusion 360. Using Fusion 360, you can manipulate and scale your design according to your preferences. Need to resize your image? Fusion 360 allows you to scale it to the precise measurements you desire. Additionally, you can fine-tune your design by creating sketches, limiting machining lines, and more.

Setting up your project on the xsTECH ROUTER

Now, the xsTECH router comes into play. Once you have your model ready, you can generate G-code using Fusion 360, programming it to a solid model. This G-code will guide the xsTECH router on how to execute your design. Setting up the machine is relatively straightforward - setting the reference height, ensuring the correct axes are aligned, and making sure the file is loaded onto the USB drive for the machine.

Once everything is set up and the program is running, the router will start engraving your design onto the material. With a program duration of around 40 to 45 minutes, you have the flexibility to fine-tune speed and detail levels for optimal results. What's more, you can even personalize your creation by cutting out shapes or drilling holes directly on the machine.

xsTECH Router
The xsTECH router opens doors for creative exploration. From uploading an image to Fusion 360, generating G-code, and witnessing your design come to life, this versatile router offers endless possibilities for your projects. Whether you're crafting ornaments, signs, or intricate designs, the xsTECH router proves to be a valuable asset in the world of CNC machining for both professional machinist and for students just starting their CNC journey.