Adding Some Boost to Your Tormach CNC Machine

We are quite proud of the value that Tormach CNC machines bring to our customers, and we've worked to make sure that your machine can grow with you. That means that you don't need to buy all the bells-and-whistles until you're ready!

Find out what makes our machines so easy to use

Last year, we announced the 1100MX and 770MX CNC machines, which includes servo motors, a BT30 spindle, and the option for a PathPilot Operator Console. But where does that leave you, if you already bought a 1100M or 770M? 

Worry not, we have a solution!

Now, you can make your M machine an MX… with the lime green color scheme, and all.

The first step is to add servo motors to all three axes. This makes your Tormach CNC mill a closed-loop system, which means that the machine can move faster and has the brains to know when something has gone wrong, saving your machine from major damage.

Check out this video for the CNC servo motor installation procedure:



The next step is to add the BT30 spindle with an encoder to your machine. This allows for processes like rigid tapping that require your the spindle to “know where it is.” Really, this means the whole CNC machine plays nice together so you can tap without a special tapping head.

The addition of a BT30 spindle also means a more robust connection between your cutting tool and the machine. A tapered surface, drive dog, and pull stud allow for the tool to positively engage in the spindle, preventing pull-out and adding rigidity.

Did I mention that you’ll also have access to 10,000 RPM. This means your Tormach CNC machine will be more efficient with smaller diameter tools and can help cut down cycle times.

Check out how you can install the BT30 spindle in this video:



Once you have the servo motors and BT30 spindle installed on your M machine, the only thing needed to make it an MX are the decals, which we provide as well!

Purchasing a Tormach 1100M or 770M CNC doesn’t mean you can’t get more out of your CNC machine. Whether you purchased an M before the MX was available or you want to save some cash now and upgrade to an MX later, you can easily upgrade from an M to MX. And until April 30, 2020, you can get a $500 tooling credit when you buy an M machine, so when you're ready to move to an MX, you can make get back up and running faster.

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