Eliminate the Haze with the Fog Buster

Tormach has partnered with FogBuster to bring the best mist (actually, zero mist!) coolant system to the Tormach Site. If you've used other misting systems before, you surely understand how quickly they can fog up the entire shop without a serious ventilation system.  For a small garage or basement shop, they're nearly impractical. So...what's so great about the FogBuster?  Well, a picture or two is worth a thousand words... Normal Misting system = Haze FogBuster = No Haze No Mist!  Instead of atomizing the coolant into a vapor, the FogBuster System produces a stream of larger drops that provides all the advantages of mist coolant without fogging up the shop.   You can use it with any coolant, and since the FogBuster puts all the coolant onto the workpiece and tool and not the air, you'll use less coolant as well. We've added a PCNC mill integration kit for the FogBuster that includes an air solenoid valve so you can control with either M8/M9 commands (in lieu of flood coolant) or the flip of a switch - whichever suits your shop best. Here's a video from FogBuster showing the system in action.

 Ready to get your own?  Buy it here.