PCNC 440 Has a Cameo in the WSJ

Mike Dubno and his PCNC 440 Tormach has been growing a lot over the last few years, and with that growth has come an expanding customer-base and outside knowledge of our machines. A number of media outlets picked up the announcement of our PCNC 440 last year, we made appearances on ABC’s BattleBots this summer, and now a Tormach mill has emerged in a couple of articles in the Wall Street Journal. One article discusses more typical WSJ content – Goldman Sachs trading software – but it introduces a proud PCNC 440 owner, Mike Dubno. He was the first PCNC 440 owner to do a customer story with us, and he is well known for helping to bring Maker Faire to the New York area. Photos: Jesse Winter for The Wall Street Journal PHOTO: JESSE WINTER FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL The other article details of Dubno’s shop and his thoughts on making, inventing, and his current Automata project – a tentacle-lamp that will use voice activation to not only turn it on and off, but also move to a desired location on command. We love to see makers create (especially when the Wall Street Journal notices)! Be sure to share your projects and tag us on Facebook and Instagram. Or, if you’re not into the social media thing, send an email to marketing@tormach.com, and you might see your work featured in our blog or – who knows – maybe in the Wall Street Journal.

Mike Dubno and his PCNC 440

Photos: Jesse Winter for The Wall Street Journal