This Spring, Robots Are Everywhere at Tormach


There have been a fair number of articles lately touching on the increased use of robots and AI in various industries and what that future means for the job market. In the fabrication industry, we’ve long known about the value of robots in the workplace. CNC is a form of robotics, and it only exemplifies the value in automation. Beyond the workplace, though, robots serve an entirely different purpose.


This spring, Tormach is getting involved in two areas of robotics that are incredibly different than driving a machine tool.

First, we are now officially involved in FIRST robotics, which teaches middle and high school kids robotics, engineering, and how to run a business. We’ll be at the Wisconsin FIRST Regional event March 25 - 26 as teams compete to get to the championship event in St. Louis.


Also, Tormach’s newest Brand Ambassador is a team that engineers and builds battling robots; Hardcore Robotics. Ray Billings and his team have won several competitions with their Tombstone robot, including being last year’s runner-up on ABC’s BattleBots.

Billings said, "This year’s BattleBots event is going to be bigger, better, and more intense than ever! We’ve made improvements to Tombstone in the off-season, but I know our competition has also improved and with our success last year everyone will be focusing on beating us. Tombstone will be more than up for the challenge, and I expect we will do very well again this year, hopefully going the distance and taking the title!”

Stay tuned as we celebrate all the robotics mayhem this spring.

1tombstonebot IMG_9143