Shifting a Hobby into High Gear

Tormach customer turned Tormach employee, Rory DesJardin was a three-year PCNC 1100 user before he joined Tormach as a Product Developer and Technical Support Specialist in January of this year. DesJardin used his PCNC 1100 to make shifter controllers and shifters for Jeep and Toyota automatic transmissions and Toyota transfer cases as a side business.


Best Practices for Preventing Collet Slip

Making Sense out of Tool Pull out Greg mentioned last week that we were putting the finishing touches on a report about collet slip. Why? It just always bugged us when we heard about it, as its been our strong belief that with a properly maintained system, pull out shouldn't happen.


More thoughts on Draw Bars and ATCs

So, we've had a lot of questions since we posted the power draw bar sneek peak last week. Lots and lots of questions about ATCs (automatic tool changers). Once a working drawbar is in place, its just a short walk around the block to a working ATC, right? Well, I think there will be an ATC option someday. 

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