Tormach Fab Lab: Toolmaker Vises

If you haven't seen toolmaker vises before, then it might not be immediately clear why you might need one.  It turns out, however, that they are a very handy device to have in your work holding arsenal.  Small tool maker vises are designed to be held inside a larger machinist's vise.  Bigger Toolmaker vises can also be held directly to mill table via strap clamps or a magnetic chuck. Tool maker vises are excellent for holding delicate workpieces and also great for doing work on the end of a workpiece.   Since the sides of the vise are precision ground, they can be easily used to do parallel or perpendicular work on opposing or adjacent sides of a workpiece without the need to re-indicate anything. Here's a quick video we put together with some ideas about how you might use a tool maker vise with a Tormach PCNC or other milling machine.

Other tool maker vise applications include:

  • Working on the end of a pin or cylinder
  • Flycutting and/or facing of small cross sections
  • End Drilling
  • Cross drilling
  • Edge milling thin sections

We now have a whole family of tool maker vises available.  Make sure to check them out here:

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