Utilizing the PathPilot Cycle Counter on Your Tormach CNC Mill

In the world of CNC machining, keeping track of production cycles is vital. Tormach’s cycle counter feature within PathPilot® allows you to efficiently keep tabs on your production runs, saving time and effort while enhancing your workflow.

When running numerous G-Code programs and churning out parts, it's easy to lose track of the total count. Especially in situations involving lathes with automatic collet closers, bar pullers, and tool changers, knowing the exact production count can be a challenge.

PathPilot automatically counts M30 and M99 G-Code blocks. And since every G-Code program contains at least one of those blocks, production counting does not require any manual editing of the G-Code file your CAM workflow produces.

For M30 and M99, there are A and B counters directly visible on the PathPilot display. Each of these counters can be reset individually. Whether you need to reset counts per shift, daily, weekly, or monthly, PathPilot allows you to customize the counters to suit your workflow, enabling efficient monitoring without hassle.

Navigating these counters is a breeze with PathPilot's easy-to-use interface. With a simple admin command on the MDI line, resetting, showing, or hiding the counters provides a smooth operational experience.

Upgrade to the newest version of PathPilot

If you’re not seeing the cycle counter feature on your PathPilot interface, you will need to update to the latest version. In addition to the cycle counter, the latest PathPilot 2.10.0 update also introduces a new portrait mode layout, new camera capabilities, and an improved on-screen keyboard, enhancing the overall user experience. PathPilot 2.10.0 will update automatically if your mill is connected to the internet, or you can click here to download the update, transfer it via USB, and perform the update within minutes.

The cycle counter feature and the other enhancements offered in PathPilot 2.10.0 will make for a seamless CNC experience that will optimize your workflow, streamline production monitoring, and bolster efficiency without additional costs.