Tormach Modularity


The Modularity of Tormach Machines Provide User Flexibility

At Tormach, our affordable, capable, and easy-to-use machines provide users flexibility when they need to upgrade their machine capabilities. You can enhance your machine setup with customizable upgrades that fit your evolving needs and budget. As an example, with the 770M CNC mill, you can purchase the starter package, and build up as your needs change. Watch the video below for an overview of modular machine options.

Machine Upgrade Options

Let's dive into some common upgrade paths our customers love. The power draw bar is a game-changer, allowing swift tool changes at the push of a button. Say goodbye to wrenching tools from the spindle. This option allows you to tend to other needs in your workspace. 

Take tool management up a notch by adding an automatic tool changer (ATC) and let PathPilot®, our user-friendly software, seamlessly handle your tools. Want more functionality? Consider the 4th axis for intricate geometry or RapidTurn to transform your mill into a lathe, perfect for crafting round parts.

Another notable upgrade path involves integrating a servo kit to significantly boost rapid speeds. Adding the servo kit allows you to upgrade the spindle to an industry-standard BT30 taper tool system. This not only enhances process reliability but also facilitates rigid tapping, a crucial capability for certain applications.

Servo MotorA servo kit can double your rapid speeds.

It's important to note that when you decide to upgrade your machine, Tormach ensures a hassle-free experience. There are no additional fees, no extra charges for software upgrades, and no mandatory technician visits. It’s all about selecting the upgrades that suit your needs.

Want to learn more? Schedule a call with our pre-sales team.

Curious about the upgrade potential of a specific machine? Our pre-sales team is here to help. You can schedule a consult via our website and our knowledgeable team will be happy to answer any questions you have.