The Modularity of Tormach Machines Provide User Flexibility

At Tormach, our affordable, capable, and easy-to-use machines provide users flexibility when they need to upgrade their machine capabilities. You can enhance your machine setup with customizable upgrades that fit your evolving needs and budget. As an example, with the 770M CNC mill, you can purchase the starter package, and build up as your needs change. Watch the video below for an overview of modular machine options.


Tool Centerline Tolerances for Turning: Expert Techniques

Every machinist knows things work a whole lot better when turning if you can get your tool tip right on the centerline. During a trip to Tormach to test their CNC lathe before I got one years ago, I saw this first hand. I “eyeballed” a tool tip to center and made an OD turning pass. The cut was fine, but the finish seemed poor. So, we set the tool on centerline using the ruler trick:


Workholding of the Month: Turret or Gang Tooling?

This is one of the many topics that seems to engender religious fervor from one side versus the other. I personally went through several hundred online articles and correspondences I’ve had with our G-Wizard customers about this choice. For my upcoming Tormach CNC Lathe, I initially had ordered it set up for gang tooling based on my needs, but then hastily added a turret after several conversations with the turret aficionados, just so I could write about and compare the two more fully, and I’m glad I did.


3 Things to Remember Before You Start Turning

If you’re already using a mill, a natural extension of your shop would be to add turning capabilities with a lathe. CNC milling and CNC lathe work are quite similar, but there are some glaring differences that are easy to miss if you’re new to turning.


CNC Machine Cutting Tools: Why Coatings Aren't a Conspiracy

When you’re picking out cutting tools, the first challenge is to figure out which style to buy. The second is to select what material and coating combination you’ll need. You might be questioning why coatings matter – surely it’s just a marketing ploy to get you to spend an extra couple bucks, right?


4 Things We Love About Brass

The world of metalworking and machining is broad, in part because there are so many varieties of metal to play with. One of the most forgiving metals to cut is brass, and here’s four reasons we love to work with it.

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