Doing a Door Dance, the Tormach Way


One of the greatest things about a Tormach PCNC mill is the first letter in that acronym, P. That P stands for personal, which is what the design of our machines is all about. Designing a VMC (vertical milling center) to be personal – small enough to fit in your garage or basement – yet powerful enough to make real parts is what Tormach, as a company, was founded on. But even personal-sized milling machines have size issues. The weight and footprint of both the PCNC 1100 and the PCNC 770 make them much more personal than larger (and much more expensive) industrial milling machines, but they are still big, heavy machines – which causes challenges to arise when loading them through standard-sized doors. We’ve seen our innovative customers do some acrobatic work to get their machines into garages, basements, office buildings, and even New York apartments – the PCNC 770 is even designed for disassembly for this very reason. To show what is possible, we created the following method, affectionately dubbed the “Door Dance.”


These technical documents were put together by our engineers to help customers navigate their machines through doorways as small as 30” wide. While dancing with your machine may be standard practice for some, dancing through a doorway requires a bit of finesse.  How have you gotten creative while installing your PCNC mill?