Ease the Pain of Deep Hole Drilling

Ever do a job requiring hundreds or even thousands of holes to be drilled?

How about one where the holes were deep enough you started breaking twist drills?

Most CNC’ers know about Peck Drilling to help with that.  Some use high performance geometries like Parabolic Flute drills.  

It turns out there are a whole host of techniques to help you succeed when drilling deep holes.​​​​​​

As a matter of fact, I’ve got two things that will help you out a lot with Deep Hole Drilling.

The first is my latest CNC Chef Video.  I make these videos for Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine, one of the industry’s most respected publications when it comes to all things Cutting Tool-oriented and CNC.  My video column there is called “CNC Chef”, which is a play on CNCCookbook.

Here’s the video:

The second thing is the graphic that’s visible in the video right behind me.  That graphic is your handy thumbnail references to when to use these techniques.  In fact, I’m going to give you not just that slide, but the whole Slideshow I used for the video.  You can print the chart to hang on your wall for reference, or whatever helps.

[ Download Deep Hole Drilling Slideshow ]

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Last thing.  The video goes into custom drilling cycles and mentions you can create them with our G-Wizard Editor’s Conversational Programming Wizards.  If you want to try them out, sign up for the free trial on G-Wizard Editor.

This post originally appeared on the CNC Cookbook blog.