Build an Artisan Etsy Business With xsTECH

Have you ever thought about starting up a small Etsy business with your craft?

Here at Tormach, we’ve long been focused on the world of manufacturing - cutting metal, making parts - but there is a world of business opportunities outside traditional CNC.

Etsy is a place where artisans and crafters go to sell their wares. In fact, the platform has become the go-to for a number of growing DIY craft businesses. Folks make everything from knitted scarves to paintings to artistic lawn ornaments.

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While much of the Etsy marketplace is hand-crafted, there are a number of sellers that have been developing methods to create artisan goods that are production quality and sometimes even need to be mass produced. There are even some sellers that run Etsy stores full time!

It’s because of these Etsy Entrepreneurs that we’ve decided to make our xsTECH Router available outside the world of education.

The xsTECH Router is a small CNC machine that can cut wood, plastics, even thin aluminum, as well as engrave and create intricate patterns. This little machine has only been available to educators for the last year or so, but now, we’ve made it available to everybody.

That means that if you’ve ever thought about taking your craft project, whether it’s jewelry-making or customized wooden knick-knacks, you can make it easier than ever.

The xsTECH  Router is designed to be used by anybody - no CNC or manufacturing experience necessary. And, it will truly fit on your desktop, weighing only 33 lbs and with a footprint of only 15.4” x 15.7” x 16.7”.

This scaled down CNC machine still runs on our easy-to-use PathPilot control system, but gives you the ability to do all sorts of small-scale projects. If you don’t even know what PathPilot is, no worries! There is a growing knowledge base that can help you get started.

So, if you have a craft project in mind that you think the world would want to buy or if you’re already selling your wares and want to up your customization game, fire up an Etsy store, pick up an xsTECH Router, and start making!

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