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Desktop / Tabletop CNC Mills

Our desktop / tabletop CNC milling machines are designed to fit your needs, whether you're a hobbyist exploring new creative avenues or an engineer pushing the boundaries of precision engineering. Explore our range of Tabletop CNC machines today and take the first step towards turning your ideas into reality.

PCNC 440: Affordable, Compact, Precision-Engineering

The PCNC 440 has a small footprint and an affordable price tag – it's designed to fit into various settings: schools, small manufacturing setups, or home workshops and is ideal for hobbyists, beginners, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Operating the PCNC 440 is simple, and has a short learning curve. We provide free updates to the PathPilot control software to help you stay up-to-date without added costs. We encourage our customers to assemble, upgrade, and repair their equipment, which saves you money, and if you need help, our US-based support team is just a call away.


  • Compact Size -  42 in × 36 in. footprint, making it a space-saving choice.
  • Ample Workspace - 10 in. x 6.25 in. x 10 in. work area.
  • Sturdy Construction - cast-iron frame and table.
  • Easy Setup -  plugs into any standard single-phase 120Vac outlet.
  • Quality Components -  equipped with ball screws and a 10,000 RPM R8 spindle.

xsTECH CNC Router - Your Entry into the CNC World

Limited workspace? No problem. The xsTECH is designed with a small footprint that fits right on your tabletop. Don't let its size fool you – this machine boasts a robust construction that ensures stability and minimizes vibrations, resulting in clean and accurate cuts every time.

From intricate decorative engravings to functional parts, the xsTECH opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you're a jewelry designer looking to create unique pieces or an engineer prototyping mechanical components, this machine adapts to your needs, making it an essential tool for artists, entrepreneurs, and engineers alike.


  • Compact Size - ideal for craft rooms or makerspaces.
  • Plug & Play - includes a 10.4-inch touchscreen controller and essential accessories.
  • Safe & Clean - clear enclosure to control dust and enhance safety.
  • High Performance - cuts through plastics, woods, and aluminum at 5000-20000 RPM.
  • Easy Integration - features PathPilot software for simple setup and compatibility with popular programs.

Articles and Resources

From getting started to mastering advanced techniques, discover a wealth of knowledge in our articles, guides and resources, designed to elevate your desktop/tabletop CNC milling experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a desktop CNC machine can vary significantly based on its features and capabilities. For example, Tormach offers the PCNC 440 starting at $7,010, and the xsTECH Router is priced at $3,995. Different packages are available to suit various needs and budgets and investing in a high-quality CNC mill, like those from Tormach, can offer better performance, durability, and precision.

A desktop CNC mill allows you to craft a variety of items including intricate jewelry pieces, detailed engravings, functional parts, and so much more. It's capable of working with materials such as plastic, wood, and even metal, enabling both hobbyists and professionals to realize their projects with precision.

Yes, Tormach's PCNC 440, is equipped to handle metal cutting, allowing you to work with materials like aluminum and even titanium with great precision and efficiency.

Tormach's desktop CNC mills are designed with user-friendliness in mind, making them accessible even to beginners. The included PathPilot control software is intuitive, has a shorter learning curve, and seamlessly integrates with popular design programs.

Tormach offers extensive guides and resources to help users get started and make the most of their CNC machines. Due to the simplicity of the xsTECH CNC Router all technical support is handled via the online knowledgebase. For our other products the US-based Technical Support team is ready to assist you, ensuring that you can quickly get back to your projects if any issues arise. You can submit your ticket here if you are looking for support.