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The ZA6 Robot is a 6kg payload industrial robot arm that affords a wide (900mm) range of motion.
Its industrial aluminum castings, harmonic gear drives, servo motors, and EtherCAT fieldbus give it performance similar to other industrial robots,
including a repeatability of ± 0.020 in (0.5 mm), at a fraction of the price.

Financing available through Geneva Capital

ZA6 Robot


Please note that due to this being a new product line for Tormach, we are requiring a Quote and Pre-Sales Consultation prior to purchasing to ensure the ZA6 Robot is a good fit for your application needs.

The ZA6 Robot Starter Package includes the base robot, PathPilot controller, touchscreen monitor, keyboard and mouse, light curtain, pneumatic accessory kit, and a parallel jaw, gripper kit.
Package Starting At: $19,592

( + Flat Fee Shipping )

Finance for 60 mo. from less than $402/mo. with Geneva Capital


After a little assembly, the ZA6 Robot is ready. No integrator required!
Start programming right out of the box without any excessive integration procedures.
Jump in and start programming quickly.

"Unbelievable! 30 minutes of setup and it’s in motion!"

Leif Sorgule, Technology & Engineering Teacher
Peru Central High School, Peru, New York

Python Programming

Programming in Python

ZA6 Robot programs are written in Python. There's no standard robot programming language, but we chose Python for a few reasons.

  • Python is easy to learn, it plays well with others, it's open source, and a ton of applications are built on it.
  • You can extend your robot to other peripherals that are also Python programmable. This gives you a lot of options.
  • Want to probe a set of features, then save those coordinates to a csv file and push that file to a webserver? Easy, thanks to the csv and http requests Python libraries.
  • Anything you can do in a Python program you can do with the ZA6 Robot. Tormach hosts examples on our GitHub.

Great for Teaching

The ZA6 is easy to learn and easy to use but also incorporates all the concepts students need to know to be successful in industrial robotics. Your students will see early success because of how easy it is to write a simple, teach-mode program. Unlike other robots designed for the classroom, the ZA6 lets you teach industrial robot concepts like user frames, tool frames, the differences between move types, waypoint types, and more.


Tormach’s PathPilot control is built on ROS. Robot Operating System (ROS) is the most popular platform for robotics research (over 4,000 academic papers cite “ROS: an opensource Robot Operating System” (Quigley et al., 2009)). The open-access nature of the ZA6 Robot creates real opportunities for robotics research. All system variables are exposed to the user via the API, many in real time (1kHz), offering tremendous advantages to people already familiar with ROS programming.

Technical Specifications

Machine Specifications

WEIGHT 145 lbs. (65 kg)
PAYLOAD: 13 lbs. (6 kg)
REACH: 38 in. (975 mm)
FLANGE BOLT: 6 bolts (M4)
CONTROL BOX: 26 in. × 32 in. × 14 in. (650 mm × 820 mm × 360 mm)
DIGITAL INPUTS: 16 (14 user inputs, 2 dedicated safety inputs)

Joint Ranges and Speeds

JOINT 1: Range: ±170° Speed: 150° s-1
JOINT 2: Range: +135° to -100° Speed: 112.5° s-1
JOINT 3: Range: +155° to -120° Speed: 150° s-1
JOINT 4: Range: 4° ±150° Speed: 204.5° s-1
JOINT 5: Range: 5° ±120° Speed: 225° s-1
JOINT 6: Range: 3° ±360° Speed: 360° s-1


±0.020 in. (0.5 mm)


I/O POWER SUPPLY: 24 Volt 2 Amp
POWER SUPPLY: 200-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz Single-Phase Power


Comparatively noiseless

IP Classification

IP65 Dust tight and protected against jets of water


Teachmode programming through PathPilot GUI, Python


ZA6 Robot Installation

Not sure if the ZA6 is the machine for your application ?

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