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Introducing the new 1500MX CNC Mill. In stock and ready to ship in the continental US. Learn more

Tormach’s New 1500MX CNC Mill 

The 1500MX CNC mill is a servo-driven machine with linear rails and an epoxy granite frame made in North America - Takes capable, affordable, and easy-to-use to a whole new level.


Our community asked, and we listened. Tormach customers love our capable yet affordable machines, easy-to-use PathPilot® control software, and US-based tech support. Your business has grown over the years and your need for higher performance has grown as well.

Features of the 1500MX we think you will be most excited about:

Epoxy Granite Frame (made in the USA): Epoxy granite frames have 10x the damping of cast iron, resulting in better surface finishes and 30% longer tool life.

4HP, 10K RPM Spindle (Max 6HP): Power at the right RPM range to leverage modern, highly efficient, high speed tool paths.

1200 IPM X/Y & 600 IPM Z: Rapid and cut at up to 1200 IPM keeps up with advanced, constant-engagement tool paths.

Thru-Spindle Coolant Ready: Every 1500MX comes ready for TSC if you choose to add it later. TSC is 7x faster for drilling holes, results in smoother finishes, helps make more consistent parts, and extends tool life.

Servo Motors with Absolute Encoders: 23 bit absolute position encoders with battery backup. The 1500MX’s servos mean you never have to reference the machine, even between power cycles.


Tormach's 1500MX CNC Mill



Finance with 1/2 price payments for 1/2 a year!
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  • ✔  1500MX mill
  • ✔  Mill enclosure
  • ✔  PathPilot operator console
  • ✔  Assembled by customer
  • ✔  Lift-gate deliverable
  • 16-Pocket automatic tool changer
  • Flood coolant system
Tormach's 1500MX CNC Mill



Finance with 1/2 price payments for 1/2 a year!
Learn More

  • ✔  1500MX mill
  • ✔  Mill enclosure
  • ✔  PathPilot operator console
  • ✔  Assembled by customer
  • ✔  Lift-gate deliverable
  • ✔  16-Pocket automatic tool changer
  • ✔  Flood coolant system
Tormach's 1500MX CNC Mill



Finance with 1/2 price payments for 1/2 a year!
Learn More

  • ✔  1500MX mill
  • ✔  Mill enclosure
  • ✔  PathPilot operator console
  • ✔  Factory assembled
  • ✔  Fork-lift or loading dock required
  • ✔  16-Pocket automatic tool changer
  • ✔  Flood coolant system

Exciting news! Our new 1500MX milling machine is now shipping in the continental United States. Click here for shipping information outside the continental US.

Launch Exclusive Offer!

To celebrate the launch of the new 1500MX CNC mill, we are currently offering 2 high value bonus items with every 1500MX machine purchase:

FREE 12 month extended warranty ($1,595 value)

FREE enclosure window kit ($395 value)

*No coupon code required. Promotion is for a limited time or while supplies last.


The 1500MX represents a significant leap forward in Tormach’s CNC mill technology. Servo- driven axes and spindle motor, motion on linear rails along with a frame constructed from epoxy granite mean higher precision, smoother operation, and enhanced durability.

Additionally, Tormach allows users to add accessories over time so that the machine can grow with your business. Buy what you can afford today and add things like thru-spindle coolant or a 4th axis when you need them.


The employee-owners here at Tormach are proud to make CNC machines that are not only capable and easy-to-use but also affordable. This means no hidden fees, service charges, or lockouts. Ever.

The same is true for the new 1500MX, plus a few extras.

The following is everything that is included FREE with the 1500MX that other manufacturers either don’t provide or charge a premium for:

  • Through Spindle Coolant Ready ($1,000+ value)
  • High Speed Machining ($3,500+ value)
  • Spindle Orientation ($1,400+ value)
  • Rigid Tapping ($1,800+ value)
  • 80GB Program Storage ($1,400+ value)
  • Coordinate Rotation ($1,800+ value)
  • Conversational Programming ($2,700+ value)
  • Software Updates for Life (priceless)
Tormach's 1500MX CNC Mill
The 1500MX CNC Mill from Tormach has additional upgrades


Optional upgrades available for the 1500MX CNC mill include:

  • 16-Tool Capacity Umbrella Style Automatic Tool Changer
  • 4th Axis Rotary Table
  • Wireless Probe / Tool Setter
  • Washdown Bar Kit
  • Thru-Spindle Coolant (coming fall 2024)
  • Mist Collector (coming fall 2024)
  • Chip Conveyor System (under development)

Have questions or need advice? Talk to a technical expert about choosing the right machine for your needs.

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PathPilot Powered by Tormach


No matter your CAD/CAM solution, you can program with PathPilot®. PathPilot® is Tormach’s FREE and open-source CNC controller and is included on all our machines. You can edit standard G-code offline or even online with PathPilot HUB.

We’ve made some exciting updates to PathPilot®, especially for the 1500MX that include the addition of tool wear compensation and rewriting the trajectory planner to incorporate machine smoothing.

If you’ve used PathPilot® before on any Tormach machine, you’ll find your ability to get up and running on the 1500MX lightning fast.

the 1500MX Operator Console Screen

Designed and manufactured by Tormach employee-owners in the USA and Mexico



X-Axis: 19.7 in. (500 mm)

Y-Axis: 13.8 in. (350 mm)

Z-Axis: 14 in. (356 mm)

Spindle Nose to Table: 3.7-17.7 in. (96-450 mm)


Continuous Power: 4 hp (3 kW)

Peak Power: 6hp (4.5 kW)

Spindle Speed: 250-10,000 RPM

Spindle Taper: BT30

Thread Machining: Rigid Tapping

Maximum Feed Rates

X- and Y-Axis: 1,200 IPM (30.5 m/min)

Z-Axis: 600 IPM (15.2 m/min)

Power and Air

Power Required: Single-Phase 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 30A breaker

Plug Type: NEMA L6-30P

Air Required: 90-120 psi

Machine Specifications

Table Size: 35 in. × 12.75 in. (0.9 m × 0.3 m)

Typical System Footprint: 86 in. × 104 in. × 94 in.(2.2 m × 2.6 m × 2.4 m)

Typical System weight: 2800 lbs. (1270 kg)

Maximum Weight on Table: 300 lbs. (136 kg)


Testing: Ballbar testing on every machine

Key Components

Frame: Bonded epoxy granite base and column castings

Ways: Linear rails

Motion System: EtherCAT control system


Pallet Weight: Factory Assembled: 3210 lbs. (1456 kg) / Self Assembled: 2650 lbs. (1202 kg)

Crate Dimensions: Factory Assembled: 68 in. × 74 in. × 89 in. (1.7 m × 1.9 m × 2.3 m) / Self Assembled: 54 in. × 58 in. × 89 in.(1.4 m × 1.5 m × 2.3 m)

Optional Accessories

16-pocket automatic tool changer (ATC)

microARC 6 – 6 in. (150 mm) 4th axis rotary table

36-gallon flood coolant tank and manual sprayer

Automatic enclosure washdown system

Wireless probe and tool setter

MQL system

Through-spindle coolant (coming fall 2024)

Mist collector (coming fall 2024)

Chip conveyor system (under development)


1-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Extended warranty available.

1500MX Beta Customer Testimonials 

"What we are most excited about with the 1500MX mill is the tool changer with the BT30 high-quality spindle. We have already seen cycle times shorten and combined with the rapids, it has shaved significant time off of parts. The extra coolant flushing of the chips has also saved us a few hours of cleanup already. And our employees have noted how nice it is to not have to re-reference and touch tools and datum points off each morning which saves even more time each day. <br /><br />I expect the 1500MX to take over a large percentage of the millwork we have, leaving our 1100M for more onesie twosie orders and prototype parts. I am sure as time goes by we will add more to this list. We are absolutely loving this machine!"

Larry Britzman, Owner, Britzman Enterprises LLC

"We are most excited about the speed, power, and automation the 1500MX brings to both our prototyping and production abilities. It is exciting to see how quickly it can create the parts we designed. And it feels powerful being able to send the program to the machine, hit go, and watch it make what we need without needing to assist it in any way."

Keegan Karl, Vice President at DarkAero Inc.


The 1500MX has two options. It can be purchased factory assembled (loading dock or forklift required at delivery address) or it can be purchased with the enclosure and optional accessories installed by the customer for those who require lift-gate delivery.

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