Rugged construction and upscale features
make the 1300PL a faster and easier-to-use part maker!

Configure your 1300PL Plasma Table

Whether fabricator, garage shop, or sign maker, the 1300PL Plasma Table is a rugged 4’x4’ plasma system that provides high performance in an affordable and smaller footprint. Expand your capabilities now!

1300PL Plasma Table entry package

1300PL Entry Package

The Entry Package for the 1300PL Plasma Table has the basics that you will need to get started. This package includes plasma table, controller, and owners kit. Some assembly required

Package Price: $14,445
Includes Preselected Build Options
$17,745 with Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP

Just $24/mo. for the first 3 months! - Learn More

1300PL Plasma Table Standard Package

1300PL Standard Package

Take the 1300PL Plasma Table Entry Package, add in more accessories and what do you get? A gold-standard Standard Package. Some assembly required

Package Price: $15,750
Includes Preselected Build Options
$20,011 with Hypertherm Powermax65 SYNC

Just $24/mo. for the first 3 months! - Learn More

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Industrial construction wrapped in a compact size

A robust, fully welded steel-tube frame and aluminum gantry. The 1300PL plasma table is built for speed, accuracy, and longevity.

It’s lift-gate deliverable. You won’t need expensive riggers to set it up.

It runs on single-phase 220V power. If you have a space with proper ventilation, you can probably set it up there.

1,000 inches/min cutting and rapids and quick acceleration. Servo motors are responsive and accurate.

50 in. x 51 in. travels. Big enough to support larger metal sheets, but compact enough to fit in a tight space.

1300PL Plasma table with specifications
1300PL Plasma Table with specifications


  • X- and Y-Axis Servo with self-adjusting rack and pinion
  • Fully integrated water table
  • Robust aluminum linear rail gantry
  • Floating head with automatic digital torch height control
  • Breakaway torch with collision detection
  • Fully integrated Z-height touch off
  • Exclusive PathPilot Controller
  • Plasma source - direct integration with Hypertherm torch and consumables

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PathPilot Plasma set up


All Tormach CNC equipment ships with PathPilot, the brain that runs our machines. It's easier to learn and use. You'll start cutting parts faster and with fewer headaches.

The version of PathPilot that comes with the 1300PL has a couple of added bonuses. These are features that can't be found elsewhere on plasma tables under $25,000.

DXF import - You'll be able to import DXF files directly into PathPilot's conversational mode. The power lies in how fast and easy this makes using the 1300PL.

Kerf compensation - The width of the path that's removed from metal when plasma cutting is called a kerf. When you define the boundaries of your design, PathPilot will make sure the kerf doesn't bleed into your piece. It's a simple idea but will save you from massive frustration.

Program, learn, and train online with PathPilot HUB - All you need are an Internet connection and a web browser. Log in (free membership) to take PathPilot for a spin, learn how to program, or make usable G-code.


1300PL Plasma Technical Specifications


X-Axis: 50 in. (1270 mm)

Y-Axis: 51.5 in. (1308 mm)

Z-Axis: 3.9 in. (100 mm)

Maximum Feed Rate

X- and Y-Axis: 1,000 IPM (25.4 m/min)

Z-Axis: 120 IPM (3.0 m/min)

X- , Y- and Z-Axis: Acceleration Rate (30 in/second^2)

Table Specifications

Table Size: 51.2 in. × 51.2 in. (1.3 m × 1.3 m)

Table Type: Water Table

Material Weight Capacity: 750 lbs. (340 kg)

Liquid Capacity: 59 US Gallons (223 liters)

Machine Specifications

Machine Footprint: 78 in. × 70 in. (1.95 m × 1.7 m)

Overall System Height: 55 in. (1.4 m)

Typical System Weight: 1,232 lbs. (559 kg)

Linear Motion Components

X- and Y-Axis Motor: Servo-Driven

Z-Axis Motor: NEMA-23 Stepper

Guideways: Precision Linear Guideway

Power Transmission: Planetary Gear (X-Axis) 5 mm HTD Belt (Y-Axis)

Machine Construction

Water Table: Welded Steel

Machine Base: Welded Steel

Gantry Bridge: Aluminum

Gantry Supports: Steel

Shop Requirements

Power Required: Single-Phase 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 20A breaker

Air Pressure: Between 90 - 120 psi (620 kPa - 825 kPa) @ 6.7 CFM. If the air supply is more than 120 psi (825 kPa), you must use a regulator.

Resolution And Accuracy

Resolution: 0.0005 in. (.0127 mm)

Repeatability: ±0.001 in. (±0.0254 mm)

Positional Accuracy: ≤0.005 in. / ft (130 micron / 300mm)

PathPilot® Controller

User-friendly design

Free Simulator via PathPilot HUB

Intuitive conversational programming

DXF import capability

Built-in shape library

Built-in auto cut feeds & speeds calculator

Built-in Dropbox™ support for seamlessly transferring programs

80 GB of available space for G-Code


Plasma Source Options: Hypertherm Options: Powermax45, Powermax65 SYNC, Powermax85 SYNC, Powermax105 SYNC

Torch Type: Floating Head with Digital Torch Height Control

Torch Features: Breakaway Torch, Collision Detection

Torch Height Control: Velocity Locking

Delivery Notes And Warranty

Lift-Gate Deliverable: Yes - Forklift Not Required

Required Equipment: Pallet Jack - Engine Hoist or Gantry Crane

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Extended Warranty available.



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