The Glory of Unboxing Your Tormach

A lot of time, debate, and money goes into making the decision to buy a machine tool. You have to compare different machines, different packages, debate tooling, and then you still have to make that final leap to a purchase. So when a new Tormach machine arrives at your shop or your garage, the excitement is hard to contain. That's why many Tormach owners take to social media and YouTube to show off their new wares! Of course, we have unboxing videos, but we like to see our customers bask in the excitement of a new tool Even our Brand Ambassadors get so excited that they just have to share the unboxing of their new machines. Show us your new-machine excitement by posting photos and video of you and your new Tormach machine(s) on Facebook and Instagram... We love seeing the excitement in future machinists' eyes!


The Tormach is here!

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New shop is starting to come together nicely #madeincolorado #linkpd #makeshit #tormach #atlaslathe

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Long awaited... CNC milling coming soon! #tormach #770 #cncmilling #burrellcnc #staytuned #longassday #springdale

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It's midnight, we have to work tomorrow, we're tired but we got her on the ground. #tormach @hannropp

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[youtube]hzcOSAK8lsk[/youtube] [youtube]4UH6D7GQ3TY[/youtube]