Introducing Tormach’s New Era in Desktop CNC

Today, Tormach welcomes a new member to the personal CNC family, the PCNC 440. As we strive to grow Tormach’s culture of enabling ideas, the PCNC 440 was a natural next step. This mill has a 42” x 36” footprint – to fit in almost any shop or classroom – but boasts a robust design that can cut any material that its bigger brothers (the PCNC 770 and PCNC 1100) can handle.


Andy Grevstad, Tormach’s product marketing manager says, “This machine truly fits all-around capability in a compact and affordable package.” With a base price of $4950 and pre-order packages starting at $6995, pre-orders will start on Monday, September 28. Stop and see us in the Maker Pavilion at Maker Faire to be one of the first to see it in person. Read about it at Make. 440-PCNC-Straight-Med-Enclosure-HERO-with-Cart-IMG_3069