John Saunders' 10 Things to Do for 2019

The new year is quickly approaching, and even in the machine shop we're well aware of how close we are to 2019. So, here are ten things you can improve for 2019. Don't think of it as a list of New Year's resolutions, but rather, a list of things that will make shop life better in the coming year! 

  1. New deburring tools
  2. Use torque wrenches
  3. Check your Haimer runout.
  4. Make sure your tooling is still in good condition. Check for chips and broken teeth.
  5. Clean your machine. Read The Importance of a Clean Machine that was published a couple years ago.
  6. Clean your toolholders.
  7. Refresh your machine with a new R8 collet, drawbar, and Belleville washers. Check out my blog from last month for more info on that.
  8. Take your vise apart and clean it!
  9. Inspect your ER collets.
  10. Adjust your gibs, if needed.