Making Trumpet Mouthpieces with a PCNC 1100

First flutes, and now trumpets. I just found this great video from PCNC 1100 owner Dave Harrison about how he makes his Wedge Mouthpiece: milling, turning, polishing, and engraving. If you're into machining and making stuff, this is really fascinating. From The Wedge Website: There are many excellent trumpet mouthpieces on the market, and although they each have their own characteristics, most are simply subtle variations on a 100 year old model. The Wedge is a new concept in mouthpiece construction, with a proven biomechanical advantage over conventional designs. Simply put, the Wedge rim gets the metal out of the way of your face so that your embouchure can do what you ask it to do. This is why players are describing the Wedge as the greatest innovation in brass wind technology in decades. There are no magical properties, no secrets, and no gimmicks here. You select a size similar to your current equipment and play it just like any other mouthpiece. The only difference is the results you will get. Wedge mouthpieces are available in stainless steel and brass for trumpets, french horns, and trombones.