Making Wavelengths: CNC Machined Saxophone Mouthpieces and Ligatures

Mechanical engineer/entrepeneur, Joel Harrison founded the CNC model shop Protoquick in the early 1990’s. Starting out making disk drive prototype parts, Protoquick became a pioneer in the use of PC-based software for making 3D prototype parts such as plastic bezels, castings, and other cosmetics parts with CNC methodologies. “At its peak, Protoquick had five huge FADAL CNC machines in the shop and up to 15 employees over the six years that I owned Protoquick. My former colleague, Carl Anderson, restarted Protoquick several years ago and it’s back in business today,” Harrison said.


Making Trumpet Mouthpieces with a PCNC 1100

First flutes, and now trumpets. I just found this great video from PCNC 1100 owner Dave Harrison about how he makes his Wedge Mouthpiece: milling, turning, polishing, and engraving. If you're into machining and making stuff, this is really fascinating.


CNC Machined Trumpet Mouthpiece

By day Dr. Dave Harrison is a physician at Vancouver, British Columbia, General Hospital, where he runs the hospital's hyperbaric unit and specializes in hyperbaric and diving medicine. But at night, he dons his tuxedo and becomes principal trumpet for the Richmond, B.C., Community Orchestra.

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