Custom Accessories from the Tormach Community

There are Tormach enthusiasts all over the Internet. From to social media and YouTube – the community for personal CNC machines is growing faster than ever.


The Power of the Tormach Tooling System®

The Tormach Tooling System (TTS) was developed as an affordable, quick-change solution for small milling machines. Many machine tool companies have proprietary tooling lines that can cost upwards of four to six thousand dollars (beyond the machine purchase) – this has long been considered a significant barrier to truly affordable CNC tools.


Making Wavelengths: CNC Machined Saxophone Mouthpieces and Ligatures

Mechanical engineer/entrepeneur, Joel Harrison founded the CNC model shop Protoquick in the early 1990’s. Starting out making disk drive prototype parts, Protoquick became a pioneer in the use of PC-based software for making 3D prototype parts such as plastic bezels, castings, and other cosmetics parts with CNC methodologies. “At its peak, Protoquick had five huge FADAL CNC machines in the shop and up to 15 employees over the six years that I owned Protoquick. My former colleague, Carl Anderson, restarted Protoquick several years ago and it’s back in business today,” Harrison said.

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