Custom Accessories from the Tormach Community

There are Tormach enthusiasts all over the Internet. From to social media and YouTube – the community for personal CNC machines is growing faster than ever. Now, we've even made our way into the 3D printing forums. A few years back, a Thingiverse user, named kai, modified his PCNC 770 to do 3D printing operations. It’s definitely a DIY design, but it clearly gets the job done.

2010-12-19_23.59.59_display_large_preview_featured 2010-12-15_06.26.56_display_large_preview_featured

Now, several users have popped up on the popular 3D printing site to share their TTS holder and collet rack designs. Everything from DIN Rail-mountable racks to simple holders that you can screw into the wall.

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We offer a couple of racks and trays for your tool storage needs, but sometimes you need something customized, and that’s where unique 3D designs can really come in handy. 30555_ToolTray