Mastering Start Line Adjustments in PathPilot®

In CNC machining, precision is paramount. There are instances where you need to set your start line in the middle of your G-Code program. Whether due to job interruptions, changes to your tooling, or a need for fine-tuning, understanding this process is crucial. Let's explore three different methods with PathPilot®.

Restoring with Z Plunge Lead-In:

This should be your default method of starting a program in the middle within PathPilot. This method is ideal when you've had to abort a job and want to pick up where you left off. PathPilot ensures safety by managing the machine state compared to all G-Codes before the starting line in the program. You can check active G-Codes to understand the machine's status and PathPilot colors various lines of your G-Code to give the operator a clue as to which line is active.

Restoring with No Preparation:

Best used when starting at a tool change or rerunning a previous operation. Use this method with caution to ensure PathPilot is prepared for the task. PathPilot will NOT manage the state of your G-Code, so only use this function when starting at a tool change. This approach requires delicacy and is recommended for specific cases.

Restoring with Linear Lead-In:

This is reserved for special cases where a Z lead-in is not suitable. PathPilot calculates the shortest path to the starting point. However, caution is needed to avoid crashing into the material. This method is perfect for scenarios where you need to manage the tool entry point. 

Regardless of the method you go with, always exercise caution. Set your velocity overrides low to allow the tool to approach the material gently. Pay close attention to the process for a seamless start.

By understanding these important techniques, you'll have greater flexibility and control over your CNC machining processes. Whether it's re-cutting a surface, making adjustments after an interruption, or ensuring precise tool changes, these methods will help you master the art of setting start lines in the middle of your G-Code program. So, go ahead and approach your CNC projects with confidence and precision.

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