Personal CNC Drives Production at Wisconsin Machine Shop

For Ariel Bolanos, 2013 marks the second year as owner and operator of Boss & Sons, LLC a small family-owned machine shop located in DeForest, Wisconsin. Now in his early 30’s, Ariel’s machining background started at the age of twelve under the instruction of his father Jorge.

Learning CNC control and the skills necessary to run Boss & Sons on his own, Ariel’s steadily growing machining portfolio includes a large range of standard and non-standard materials, building fixtures and parts for industries ranging from automotive and architectural to professional camera mounts. To meet new business demands, Ariel Purchased a PCNC 1100. He said, ““The main reason we went with the PCNC 1100 was for the ATC. I felt like if I wanted to be competitive on quotes for production, even if it was small production runs, that I had to have an ATC. I think if I was just standing there babysitting it and changing the tools, I wasn’t going to be efficient enough to be competitive in the marketplace today.”