Promoting CNC around the Globe

Happy 2011! 2010 was a great year for us, the growing Tormach community, and machining. CNC technology is popping up around the world, and these last few years have been an exciting time to be a maker.

Affordable tools, affordable software, and the internet are allowing more people than ever before to learn and apply CNC and become a manufacturer, whether for hobby, or business, or a mixture of both. We received word last month that a machine we shipped to Tunisia arrived and they’re getting it set up now. It was purchased by a small engineering company and they’re pretty excited to be getting this technology. We are too. As many know, we have shipped PCNC mills all over the world, and often get pictures from customers of the "big day" (BTW, we love getting those pictures - keep them coming.) Here are some pictures from a machine we previously shipped to South Africa several years ago. [nggallery id=42] Bob M, our logistics guru, got quite excited about a PCNC shipment to Alaska last week. Although we don't ship mills to the 49th State every day, it also isn't that amazingly rare - we send a few up there each year, and we've even had several people travel from Alaska to Wisconsin for our CNC workshops. So why the commotion? Ice Road Truckers. Yes, Carlile Trucking from the hit TV show delivered the mill. They had been subcontracted by our primary freight carrier, and Bob spotted their name on the delivery paperwork. New PCNC 1100 owner Arvid was kind enough to snap a few pics for the Tormach memory book. I think you have to be a shipping savant to really appreciate this, but cool none the less. That's logistics! [nggallery id=46] [Quick Contest: Guess which state has recieved the fewest PCNCs. First correct guess in the comments field gets a Tormach T Shirt!] Quite a few of the readers here are also active participants in some of the discussion forums on the Internet. This is also something that we’re happy with. The forums are a mix of people interested in getting into CNC, along with those who are experienced with the technology and are willing to help out the newcomers. The company mission is to expand the application of CNC, getting the technology in to more places and into the hands of more people than ever before. Interaction on the discussion forums compliments our own efforts and leads to the same affect. Word is getting out; with ever more people beginning to understand what can be done with well engineered, low cost CNC equipment. In recent months we’ve made direct sales to Tunisia, Kenya, Lebanon, Egypt, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Guatemala, Mexico, New Zealand, and more. We’ve also setup distributors in Australia, India, Egypt, Mexico, Bolivia, and we’re working with a NGO in Ghana for a CNC training center. In areas with more exposure to CNC, places like North America, England, Northern Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, we’re finding an ever higher percentage of people whose entry to the technology has been eased by information they find on the net. The information we generate, the forums like Practical Machinist, CNC Zone, or blogs like CNC Cookbook, all of it helps people get started. I received a lot of comments on my recent blog about toolmakers. The subject here is similar. The ability to make things is fundamental to human advancement. CNC is an advanced tool, allowing people to do more with less, improving productivity and making a better life. We’re seeing a groundswell of growth in the application of CNC and we’re delighted to be part of the movement.