RC Engines from Earth Surfer Products

Its been a really busy week here, with lots happening with the ATC, Injector, and other projects moving full steam ahead - so I have to admit the blog has suffered a bit.  I did get a very nice note today from PCNC 1100 owner Doug Johns of Earth Surfer Products with a picture of some modified small engines he sells for RC. These types of stories are my favorites - guys who turn a passion for making things for their hobby into a small garage business. Hi, I am Doug Johns, owner of Earth Surfer Products in Grand Rapids, MI. I modify these small engines and sell them all over the world. We have won scooter and go-quad (a little go cart made by go-ped) championships (National and Regional--in the Go-Ped industry), and we have won RC championships--most note-able, the 2009 European EFRA F1 1/5th scale world championship (and Croatia national championship).  This machine is the perfect fit for what I am doing. Reliable enough for day to day production, and the most capability I can fit in my one car garage. This machine, from my research of machines that will fit in my garage, is the only machine in the world that has given my business the capability I need to grow, with out breaking the bank. Other bench top models are simply too small, especially in Z axis travel for many small applications. As a long time machinist and manufacturing engineeer, I highly recommend the Tormach PCNC 1100 for anybody making prototype parts, to light milling production. But it would also be a very good "second operation" machine to help combine operations in a larger shop. To me, it has been the key to the door of my earned prosperity since 2007." To this day, I know I had no better choice than to pick the Tormach PCNC 1100 to aid my business. Thanks Doug! These aren't Radio Shack RC cars, by the way - check this out: 

I want one! ***Update/Correction*** Doug tells me the cars in the original video run on Nitro Methane: Thanks Andy, but you have a "Nitro methane" powered vid on there. Here is a you-tube vid of the final race of the EFRA "gasoline" powered F1 racing of 2009. "Hrvoje Stegmayer" is the winner of the series, using my engines (off the shelf), machined by ESP and Tormach, to win this series.