Tormach Garage Series Part 2


Basics of Starting Up Your Tormach CNC Mill

Welcome back to part two of the Tormach Garage Series. If you didn’t have the chance to see part one of our series, be sure to watch Getting Started with Your Tormach CNC Mill: A Beginner's Guide. In this edition, Jeremiah Daws (Maker/Machinist) will walk you through the basics of starting up and turning off your Tormach CNC mill.


Turning on your Tormach CNC mill

We'll take you through the initial steps of powering up your machine, ensuring a smooth start to your machining process.

Referencing your X, Y, and Z axes
Learn how to properly reference the X, Y, and Z axes to ensure accurate and precise machining operations, a critical step when laying the foundation for successful and high-quality end products.

Machine lubrication
Discover the importance of proper lubrication. This is a is crucial step for sustaining CNC mill efficiency and lifespan. It reduces friction and prevents wear and tear, ensuring smooth operations and extending the machine's longevity.

Warming up the spindle
Learn about the process of preparing the spindle for optimal performance. In addition to ensuring precise machining, warming up the spindle will ultimately lead to higher-quality end products and prolonged tool life.

Powering down your machine
Learn the essential steps for safely shutting down your CNC mill after use, ensuring it's ready for the next session.

This informative video will help you safeguard your machine and set you up for success for when you start machining parts. Click below to watch part two of the Tormach Garage Series.