Garage Series Ep. 3 Tormach PathPilot


Navigating the PathPilot® Interface on Your Tormach CNC Mill

Welcome to the third installment of the Tormach Garage Series where Jeremiah Daws (Maker/Machinist) will provide an overview of the PathPilot® interface, a platform renowned for its user-friendly design. If you have not had the chance to view the first two parts of the Tormach Garage Series, click below to get caught up on these highly informative instructional videos created for those just starting to learn the ins and outs of their Tormach CNC mill.

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In this video, Jeremiah will run down the basic functions of PathPilot and get you to the point where you can confidently navigate the software. Some of these functions include:

  • Program controls (featuring the cycle start button)
  • Overrides allow for real-time adjustments to feed rates and spindle speed
  • Methods for jogging and stepping
  • The ‘manual control group,' which empowers users to fine-tune spindle speed, initiate start and stop actions, and manage tools

Another important feature of PathPilot that you will learn about in this video is the ‘Notebook’ section. This section features a series of tabs that will help you in your machining operations. The 'Main' tab offers insights into the G-Code of the active program and showcases its tool paths - essential details for manual operations. ‘File’ is the go-to tab for program loading and G-Code editing, while 'Settings' unlocks customization options.

The 'Offsets' tab is where users can fine-tune tool and work offsets. 'Conversational' is a standout tab, allowing users to create tool paths directly on the machine. Even beginners can navigate this intuitive feature with ease. The 'Probe' tab streamlines precision setups, enabling users to probe edges, corners, pockets, bosses, and more with remarkable efficiency (note: the user will need to have the passive probe in order to use the 'Probe' tab). And the 'Status' tab allows users to troubleshoot with ease, accessing error messages, status lights, and software updates.

When you purchase either the 8L Lathe24R Router, or any 770M/MX or 1100M/MX mill, you will have the option to upgrade from the standard monitor arm and tray to a PathPilot Operator Console. Many of our customers feel that the additional investment is well worth the value when it comes to the extra features of the PathPilot Operator Console vs. the standard controller.

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