Tips for Machine Shop Safety

Let’s talk shop safety! 

We live in a world where safety can be over-emphasized in some situations and under-emphasized in others.  Let’s talk about real-world shop safety to keep eyes, ears, and fingers in tact!


Making an Arduino Computer More Durable


An Arduino is a single-board computer that was originally designed as an open-source prototyping platform, but has evolved into being a powerful unit capable of controlling a number of different devices, robotics systems, art creations, and everything in between. Just do a Google search for Arduino projects, and you'll see the overwhelming capabilities of this little PCB. "What does that have to do with machining?" You might ask.


Tormach’s Youngest Machinists

Robots are cool. When I was a kid R2-D2 and Rosie were fabrications of a fantastic, future-like world. Now, BB-8 and Beamo are incredibly close to reality.


Family Robotics: Tormach Mill Helps Kids Make Rovers

Robotics is hard, especially when you want to build something new and have to rely on outside shops or vendors for components.

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