Students Engineer Championship Robots with Tormach




FIRST Robotics is a quickly-growing STEM initiative, founded by Dean Kamen, that pits kids against each other in robotic contests while promoting a fine combination of cooperation and competition. Teenagers stew over various engineering issues, component failures, and efficiency quotas all while coordinating their teams like a start-up engineering business – in essence, this is one of the truest forms of STEM education out there.


Making the Educational Impact


It’s undeniable that education is vital to the advancement of both individuals and civilizations, and with each passing generation (each passing year, even), being educated is becoming more prevalent to success. Some would even argue that it is essential for survival. But, the landscape of education is changing – it has been for some time now. Jobs that had previously been considered “unskilled labor,” now require a 2- or 4-year degree, at a minimum.


STEM Education Takes Flight

We met a lot of people as they stopped by the Tormach Booth to chat with us at EAA AirVenture last week - not only Pilots and Aviation Enthusiasts, but  Machinists, Fabricators, Educators, and many more people simply interested in technology.  One such group are the folks behind, a non-profit organization that was created to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in classrooms around the world.

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