Machining Isn’t Just for Machinists

The Tormach mission is focused on enabling the ideas of our many users, who find themselves at varying levels of knowledge and skill when it comes to machining. CNC machining has often been restricted to those with the means to house massive manufacturing machinery and those with the knowledge-base to keep from crashing said machinery.


Machining Meets Biology

Adam Summers started his engineering education at a math and science public high school in New York City. He explains, “Stuyvesant offered wonderful opportunities for science, but for me the most important characteristic was there were enough shop classes that I could take two every semester for four years.” After getting degrees in mathematics and engineering in college, Summers changed gears and got a Master’s and Ph.D. in Biology.


Making the Educational Impact


It’s undeniable that education is vital to the advancement of both individuals and civilizations, and with each passing generation (each passing year, even), being educated is becoming more prevalent to success. Some would even argue that it is essential for survival. But, the landscape of education is changing – it has been for some time now. Jobs that had previously been considered “unskilled labor,” now require a 2- or 4-year degree, at a minimum.

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