Tormach Employees Make Cool Stuff Too

We love showing off what our customers do with their Tormach machines - that's why we have a monthly video featuring interesting customers that we've been able to interview. Here at Tormach Headquarters, we have an incredibly knowledgeable staff of engineers and machinists. For obvious reasons, we really know our way around machine tools, but we also share the fervor that some of our customers have for CNC.

Brandon is one of our R&D technicians – you may have seen his hands in a few different videos – he’s also a volunteer firefighter. With his volunteer status, Brandon has emergency lights mounted on his truck and he was looking for a way to aesthetically mount some switches to control his lighting system. So, he decided to put a switch box inside the cab.

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Brandon purchased a fairly standard powder-coated, aluminum box to house the electronics and mount the switches, but he wanted them to have a significant presence inside his truck. He took to using a PCNC 1100 to create the holes for some serious switches.

While the holes for the aluminum case could have been done with a drill press, Brandon wanted perfection with spacing and uniformity, besides being a CNC fanatic.

Using PathPilot’s conversational programming, Brandon put five evenly spaced holes in the enclosure. Each switch is wired to a set of lights or functions for the lights, and lights up with LEDs when things are running.

Now the switches are mounted in his truck and ready to help get him on-scene as quickly, and safely, as possible.