Tormach Fab Lab: Working with a Quick Change Tool Post for Lathe

In this new Tormach Fab Lab episode, we're showing the basics to setting up a Quick Change tool post on a CNC Lathe.    The QC toolpost kit for our 15L Slant-PRO CNC lathe is size CXA, which holds 3/4" tools.  There are many different styles QC tool holders that you can purchase for this post, but the three used the most are:

In this video, Mike first demonstrates first how to properly align a QC tool Post and then how to set heights on several different tool holder setups.  Here are some quick links to specific subsections of the video:

  1. Dialing in a Quick Change Tool Post
  2. Setting Tool holder height on a Facing tool
  3. Setting Tool holder Height on a Turning Tool
  4. Dialing in a Drill Tool holder